Meredith Neck

Views from Pinnacle Hill, Meredith Neck, from long ago. The islands viewed in the center of the photo, from closest to furthest, are Oak, then Pitchwood, then Governors.
Stonedam Island is the hilly island to the left. Stonedam Island was named “Koabegosenmek” by the local Native American tribe of Abenakis, meaning “pine pitch rock place”. Most of the island is now protected by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust, and it sports several walking trails.
The first three cards are identical photos, but with different colorization schemes.

Oak Island is missing in the colorized postcard below.

A different viewpoint from Meredith Neck. This is a view looking at Cummings Cove. Pitchwood is the round island in the middle of the picture. Weirs Beach would be off to the far right, past Spindle Point.

A similar view of Cummings Cove from Meredith Neck.

Views of Lake Waukewan from Meredith Neck. The large body of water in the foreground is Meredith Bay, with the town of Meredith to the right. Lake Waukewan is the body of water in the distance.

A real photo postcard of Meredith Bay and Lake Waukewan, postmarked in 1941. Note the cows in the foreground..