Weirs Action Committee

Who is responsible for the improved atmosphere?

The Weirs Action Committee (WAC) was established in 1995 “for the purpose of preserving the unique and historic character of Weirs Beach by improving the quality and appearance of Laconia’s resort community.” To facilitate this group in pursuing its mission, there have been established four standing committees in the areas of infrastructure, physical appearance, special events, and marketing. Since its establishment, the mission of the WAC has expanded, and now encompasses the following: “The natural beauty and attributes of Weirs Beach and its community provide the opportunity to attract a broad spectrum of visitors to enjoy the unique attractions and amenities, thus enabling local residents and businesses to prosper and enjoy a continually improving quality of life.

Accomplishments of the group are many, and include the following:
• Restoration of the world-famous neon Weirs Beach sign
• Replacement of the statue atop of the Endicott Rock monument
• Landscaping of Weirs Beach parks and traffic islands
• Provision of dual trash/recycling receptacles on both sides of Lakeside Avenue
• Donation of park benches for the boardwalk including a solar-powered, USB charger bench
• Construction of a handicap ramp to the beach
• Purchase of a beach sand cleaner
• Installation of decorative lighting at Endicott Rock park
• Financing of three irrigation systems – one for plantings along the boardwalk, one at the Weirs Beach sign, and one at Blackstone Circle
• Installation of improved signage to parking areas and the public beach
• Installation of banners on Lakeside Avenue (see the above photos of our old utility pole banners.) Newer banners, not pictured, were installed in 2017 on new lamp poles after the utility poles were removed during the Lakeside Avenue project.

Any person, group or business having an interest in the objectives of the WAC may become a member, and in fact, the WAC has attracted a wide membership of both local residents and businesses.

You can find out more about the Weirs Action Committee by visiting their website at; by emailing the committee at; or by writing to: PO Box 5481, Weirs Beach, New Hampshire, 03247-5481.