The Public Bandstand at Irwin’s Winnipesaukee Gardens

(Late 1920s – early 1950s)

In this rare old photograph, we see the public bandstand in the right foreground, from the vantage point of the boardwalk from where it descended down to Irwin’s Winnipesaukee Gardens. The footbridge to the bandstand is just off the photo to the right. This photo shows there was an alternate entrance to the bandstand – a set of stairs from the ground level. Beyond the bandstand, the old Mount Washington steamer is docked by the Weirs Cafe.
Here’s a photo of a band playing at the bandstand on a patriotic occasion. A sign for a Chris-Craft “Thrill Ride” for $1 and a boat race poster are attached to the bandstand. (Note: the bandstand did not have a curved roof or sides; this look is due to a warped photo.)
Below is a photo of the bandstand, taken from the cove between the Winnipesaukee Pier and the Mount Washington pier. Source for this photo was an extremely rare home movie, filmed around 1929.
 Besides music, the structure was used for other purposes, including darts, as seen in the photo below. Note the newer Mount Washington parked at the docks.
The bandstand was used as the AMA registration booth during the 1940 Laconia Motorcycle rally.

The bandstand was removed in the early 1950s. Soon after, a new bandstand was built atop the 1940-1987, fourth railroad station.