Highland Gas Station

A photo from the late 1920’s shows the former Highland Gas Station that occupied the current Cumberland Farms location, a triangular patch of land bordered by Tower St on the North, Endicott St (Rt 3) on the West, and Warner St on the South. The view here is looking north, with Endicott St leading left and Warner St leading past a row of cottages on the right. Brickyard Mountain looms in the background of the photo. The gas station was discontinued sometime in the 1940s or 1950’s, but the Highlands Cottages was still a going lodging establishment until 2006, when the cottages were torn down to make way for Cumberland Farms.


Below, the cover of a brochure for the Weirs Highlands Camps and Cottages. Click here for the complete brochure.


Below is a Real Photo Post Card (RPPC) of the Weirs Highlands Filling Station from the early 1920’s. In this earlier photo, the canopy had not yet been extended over the gas pump; nor had the porch been enclosed. Also, the “Camps” (cabins) had not yet been added. The utility pole and wires are showing, unlike the retouched white border postcard shown above, where the utility pole and wires have been expertly removed from the photograph.


Below, a 1936 advertisement.


The gas station’s logo was similar in design, but not in wording, to the Texaco logo of the time.

Texaco’s 1913-1935 logo


Here is a photo of another Weirs Beach gas station, the Handy Landing Tea Room and Store. The Handy Landing, which first did away with its Tea Room, and then with its roadside gas pumps, continued in existence as just a general store until 2008, when it was converted to condos. It was located at #1184 Weirs Boulevard. The second photo of the store dates from 1956. A second story had been added to the original building. The third, color photo dates from the1960s.



In the early 1950’s, another Weirs Beach gas station, Goss’s Corner Store, was located at the intersection of routes 3 and 11B, on the site of what was later to become Karl’s Restaurant.


Below is an ad for the Earle Emmons Motor Mart,  from the 1956 Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce booklet.
The station was located at #1198 Weirs Boulevard, where the Weirs Beach Convenience & Gifts store is today.