1952 Weirs Beach Map

Although some of the businesses were artistically detailed in this 1952 map (click here to SUPERSIZE), all of the lodgings and accommodations businesses were numbered. The directory to the map was on the reverse of the brochure and and featured a descriptive listing of each “place to stay”. Scroll down for a key to the numbers. The great number (87 different places) and variety of accommodations has been greatly reduced over the last half-century. Most are now condominiums or private summer homes.

1. Wonda-Vu Lodge and Cabins
2. Sherburne’s Singing Cove
3. Hi-Ridge Cabins
4. Park View Hotel and New Motel
5. Weirs Highland Cottages and Cabins
6. Tower Hill Cottages
7. Shangri-La Hotel, Cabins, and Cottages
8. Pleasant View Cabins and Guest Hotel
9. Look Off Rock Cabins
10. Town Line Cabins
11. Vera’s Scenic Spot Cabins and Restaurant
12. Green Arrow Cottages and Lodges
13. The Eagle House
14. The Marden Cabins
15. The Cozy Inn and Cabins
16. The Weirs Hotel and Cabins
17. Lakeside Hotel
18. Locke’s Manor
19. Evelyn’s Manor
20. Luck Strike Inn and Tea Room
21. The White Birch Tourist Home (Buzz Bomb)
22. Sunrise Cottage
23. Broadview on the Shore
24. Holiday House
25. Johnson’s
26. Rose-Edward Lodge and Cabins
27. Maple Grove Cabins
28. Davis’s Cabins
29. Lake Shore Manor
30. Pearl’s Tourist Home
31. White Owl Colony
32. Sunset Cabins
33. Bluebird Cabins
34. Paugus Bay Cabins
35. The Homestead Cabins and Tourist Home
36. Margate Motel
37. Happy Landing Cottages
38. The Swedish Village
39. Aquedocton Village Cabins
40. Pine Rest Cottages
41. Richaven Cottages
42. Merrill’s Lakeside Cabins
43. Haley’s Birchland Cabins and Tea Room
44. Westview Lodge and Cottages
45. Cooper’s
46. Hi-Spot Cabins and Cottages
47. Ship-A-Hoey
48. Nick’s Lantern Drive
49. Little Cape Codder’s Cabin Colony
50. St. Moritz Terrace
51. Ledgecroft Cabins
52. The Weathervane
53. Naswa Cabins
54. Lynch’s Cold Spring Cabins
55. Proctor’s Pine Tree Lodge and Cabins
56. Lakeland Cottages
57. Handy Landing Cottages
58. Channel Cabins
59. Woodside Guest House
60. Hernandez Cottage
61. Model Cottages and Lodge
62. The Plantation House
63. Chick-A-Gami (meaning “by the lake”)
64. The Vose House and Cottages
65. Smitholm Cottages
66. Island Cabins
67. King’s Grant Inn
68. The Sundeck Cottages
69. Idle Inn Cottages
70. Bright Horizon Cottages
71. Day’s Housekeeping Cabins
72. Saunders Bay Boat Co. Cottages
73. Pine Valley Cabins
74. Coyne’s Cabins
75. Two Pines Cabins and Trailer Court
76. Natoli’s Dining Room and Cabins
77. Chanticleer Inn and Cabins
78. Ellie’s Lakeside Cabins
79. Hampshire Haven
80. Gilford Cottages
81. Ames Farm
82. Freygang’s Deluxe Cottages
83. Anniversary Inn
84. Cedar Gate Lodge
85. Glen Gables Inn
86. The Baraks
87. Arlberg Inn