Camp Joseph H. Killourhy


Below, a 1923 Killourhy bio. In the photo, Killourhy is leaning on the base of the Loammi Bean statue in Weirs Beach.


In 1918, the Laconia Democrat reported that from “somewhere in France” , Joe Killourhy, “The Little Man with the Big Voice”, wrote that he didn’t “know how much longer this war is going to last, but this I do know, that when the boys from God’s country get going there will be no stopping them; they are all crazy to get going, and when they do, under the able leadership of one John J Pershing, it will be one sad good-bye for ‘Kaiser Bill’ and his gang of hounds.” Killourhy was “still doing the umpiring stunt every Sunday and holidays. I work in this line mostly around the big American hospitals, and while I work hard enough through the week to take my Sunday off, it gives me much pleasure and joy to feel that I am able to furnish amusement for our American wounded. They have some mighty good ball teams over here and the games are all fought out to the finish…”