Ninth and Eleventh Regiment

Ninth and Eleventh Regiment (1888-Present) in 1897. Note the “9” and “11” numbers painted on the rooftop.

Ninth and Eleventh engraving. Note the elegant clothing (men in suits and top hats, ladies in long dresses, with one carrying a parasol.) For ladies, using an umbrella to ward off the sun was common practice around the turn of the century.

Ninth Regiment photo from Edward O. Lord’s 1895 book, “History of the Ninth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion”.

Ninth and Eleventh Regiment, circa 1900. Note the “9” and the “11” painted on the semi-circular window. Also note the detailed post fans.



Ninth and Eleventh Regiment, circa 1905


Ninth and Eleventh Regiment in 2007

Eleventh Regiment reunion ribbon. General Walter Harriman was a two-term governor of NH. There is a statue of Harriman on the town green in Warner. More about Harriman can be read in the town history of Warner, found here.