Avery Dam

For more information about the operations of the Avery dam, click here. For more information about its hydroelectric power, click here.

A wintertime photo of the Avery dam.

A summertime photo of the Avery dam. Taken August 8, 2023, during a very rainy summer.

It’s interesting to compare the modern photos, above, with a postcard nearly a century older, below.

According to an 1816 map, the falls at this location dropped 9 feet 9 inches.

The Mill Street Pedestrian Footbridge crosses the Winnipesaukee River just downstream of the Avery dam, from the Belknap Mill Plaza to Union Avenue. The footbridge was built in November, 1958, replacing an earlier bridge that had carried vehicular traffic from Mill Street. Mill Street no longer exists, having been removed during Laconia’s Urban Renewal program of the early 1970s. The footbridge is in poor condition. Efforts are being made for a replacement.

The footbridge is seen at a time of very low water flow through the dam. The two teens would not dare to stand where they are during normal water flow. 

The footbridge from the Union Avenue side.

The footbridge from the Belknap Mill Plaza side.

The powerhouse of the Avery dam. Its brick construction seems to indicate that it was built at the same time as the historic mills on the opposite side of the Winnipesaukee river, but the hydroelectric plant was built relatively recently, in 1985.