Fold Out Photos

The twelve fold out photos are shown in sequence below. Although a person folding out the photos would have seen them in horizontal sequence, the photos are shown in vertical fashion below. Here is a link back to the original New Hotel Weirs fold-out postcard, which was postmarked on September 7, 1907.

1.) Steamer Mt. Washington leaving Dock

2.) The Weirs from along the shore

3.) Lake & Steamer from Weirs Hotel

4.) Steamer “Gov. Endicott” & Endicott Rock

5.) Central Harbor from the Lake

6.) Steamer “Gov. Endicott” at Weirs Bridge

7.) Steamer “Gov. Endicott” at Dock

8.) Endicott Rock

9.) Headquarters. N.H. Veterans & Cottages

10.) Outlet, Lake Winnepasaukee from Weirs Bridge

11.) Steamer “Mt. Washington” & the Dock

12.) Lake Winnepasaukee from Hotel Weirs