Maplewood Hotel

The Maplewood Hotel was built in Bethlehem in 1876 and burned on January 14, 1963. (This was not the first lodging facility called the Maplewood. A much smaller building, the Maplewood House, seen in an engraving in Bachelder’s 1873-1876 series of guidebooks, had been replaced.)

Above photo from souvenir booklet “White Mountains Illustrated in Albertype” published 1889 by A. Witteman.

Originally the Maplewood “House” and then the Maplewood “Hotel”, at some point in the 1940’s, the Maplewood became the Maplewood “Club”.

At the center of the aerial below, one can see the Maplewood Inn, which stood at a perpendicular from the main hotel.

The Maplewood even had its own train station.

The Maplewood “Casino” was not a gambling facility but an entertainment center containing a “good music hall with stage and settings, social room, reading room, billiard and pool rooms, and three bowling alleys.” This building still stands today. It is part of the Maplewood Golf Club and Inn.