Dr. J. Alonzo Greene

During its 44 years of existence, the New Hotel Weirs was owned for the longest period of time by Dr. J. Alonzo Greene. It was under his ownership that the hotel was greatly expanded to become the grandest hotel in Weirs Beach. Dr. Greene was a fascinating character who served as Mayor of Laconia from 1901-1903. Below are various biographical articles concerning Dr. Greene.

From New Hampshire Men, published in 1893 in Concord, NH:

Below is Dr. Greene’s obituary. His gravestone, located at Laconia’s Bayside Cemetery, can be seen online here.


Here is a long and interesting article about Dr. Greene. It was published in the January, 1896 edition of New Hampshire’s Granite Monthly magazine.



Besides Dr. Greene’s ownership of the New Hotel Weirs, Greeene’s ownership of the Roxmont Poultry Farm was his other principal land holding. Below are selected pages of a brochure from the farm. For more about the Roxmont Poultry Farm, click here. The farm operated from 1899-1896. It was then converted to the Winnipesaukee Inn, and in 1919, to the Geneva Point Center.