Diamond Island House


The Diamond Island house in 1861. It is hard to believe that this simple structure ultimately became the New Hotel Weirs. However, a common element are the verandas that run the entire length of the building, as well as the numerous dormers along the roof line. Note the Lady of the Lake docked in front of the Diamond Island House. This was the predominant mode of transportation to the house. On the reverse of the second, real photo postcard, the following words were hand-written: “Moved over the ice to the Weirs – no longer exists. Used timbers to build right-hand section of Hotel Weirs. First called Sanborn’s House, then the Weirs Hotel. Enlarged before 1909, second Tower and wing were added and name changed to the New Hotel Weirs. Burned 1924 – 230 rooms.”

The Diamond Island house in 1861. Postcard #1.

The Diamond Island house in 1861. Postcard #2.

Lady of the Lake at the Diamond Island House