Hotel Weirs Ice Cream Parlor

The Weirs, N.H. 1923 – Doris Hammond on step, Marie Cawara behind

Dear Mama and Papa; This store is at the foot of the street on one side of the hotel. This is where Catherine Lawton works. I think they are very good. I received my laundry and letter at the same time. It rained here last night. Ruth and I went to the dance last night. Every Thursday night they have a battle of music. They have two orchestras. First one plays, then the other. We had an awfully good time. Ruth has two violin pupils. They are waitresses. We haven’t had any more tips. Ruth said Mr. Lancaster told her not to count [on] many tips. We don’t get paid until the end of the season, but you can draw on it anytime you want to. I have about twelve dollars left, we haven’t spent much. One of the fellows who Ruth…

Webmaster’s notes: The street mentioned would be Tower Street. The Lawton family owns Funspot in Weirs Beach. In the 1920’s, the hotel was owned by the Lancaster & Lane Hotel company.