Beach Connected to Docks

This photo dates after 1962, the year that the concrete-block public bathhouse (see below) was built. A rough path on the hillside on the right ends at a chain link fence and then descends down the hillside to the beach. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s there had been a narrow boardwalk and wooden stairway here, but for unknown reasons, they had been removed. Perhaps this was to limit access to the beach in favor of the narrow strip of beach that connected to the public docks. Later, the wooden stairway was rebuilt, after the boardwalk was extended all the way down Lakeside Avenue in the late 1980’s. Scroll down to the first photo of the bathhouse to see a clear view of these stairs. However, around 2005, the stairway was closed, because the beach had eroded quite a ways past this point. The stairway was removed completely when the boardwalk was reconstructed in 2010. From the center of Weirs Beach, one now has to walk all the way down the boardwalk to a point just past the bathhouse to descend to the beach.

A June 3, 1972 photo shows the narrow strip of sand connecting the beach to the docks was still in use at this point.
The entrance to the second stairway, prior to its removal in 2010.

The bathhouse around 1990. Note the stairway (the second way down), just beyond the bathhouse.

The public bathhouse circa 2000, sporting a shingled, gabled roof, compared to the flat rubber roof it had initially.

The bathhouse in May, 2012, with a new gabled metal roof and attractive paint job.