Foxy Cruise Boat

The Foxy and the Foxy II were excursion boats that operated from Weirs Beach and Lakeport from the early 50’s through the mid 1960’s. In Weirs Beach, the ticket booth was located adjacent to the Half Moon Penny Arcade, as can be seen in this circa 1960 night-time photo.

Here is the only color photo available of the Foxy. Here she is seen close to the Weirs Beach public docks.

Here is a very interesting brochure for the Foxy. Notice: 1) the drawing of the ticket booth, which matches well with the night-time photo; 2) the logo for Northland Skis, which were manufactured in Laconia. Northland was much better known for its snow skis than its water skis. 3) The “foxy” bathing beauty, seen waving near a beach umbrella. A similar beauty was used for the cover of the 1954 Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce brochure. Owner and Captain Carl Wallace passed away in the mid-1960’s, bringing an end to the Foxy boats.

Here are a couple of advertisements for the Foxy.

Here is a souvenir ticket for the Foxy.

A postcard of the Foxy.

Passengers and crew of the Foxy.

Passengers and crew of the Foxy II.

The Foxy at the Weirs Beach docks. The Foxy seems dwarfed by the stern of the larger Mount Washington. 

The Foxy boat service began in the 1950s, but the Foxy boat itself was much older. This photo shows the Foxy with the original Mount Washington steamer in the background of the photo, dating the Foxy to 1939 or earlier.

The postcard below was postmarked in 1910. It shows a boat called Fox that very closely resembles the Foxy. It seems likely that they are the same boat, with the Foxy having received some updates and a name change from the original.