Camping at Endicott Rock Park

Photo is from an early 1920’s Laconia Chamber of Commerce brochure, “Lake Winnipesaukee — New England’s Playground” (scroll down to see the cover of the brochure below).

“Many and Well Diversified Pleasures Are Offered”
“Auto camping trips in this region have been much in vogue, and as the result, many camping sites have been arranged, some free, while at others, a nominal charge is made for the conveniences offered.
Hydroplaning is also indulged in, enabling one to see the wide expanse of lakes and mountains from the clouds, a magnificent view. Landing places have been provided for the planes.
In fact, every wanted sport or pleasure is provided, and may be enjoyed by those who would spend their vacation time here.”

For a fee, one could take a ride in the seaplane seen in the box in the upper right of the photo; click here for a picture of the seaplane ride.

Here is a postcard of the park circa 1907, titled “The Weirs Through Grove From Endicott Shore”. The park was just a big grassy meadow at this time, perfect for camping.