The Clow Sisters’ Gift House

The Clow Sisters Gift House was one of the original and best loved gift shops in the area. Their first location, in the 1920’s, was in the Moulton Opera House in downtown Laconia, where they had a shop on the second floor and a first floor display window looking onto Water Street. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, the gift shop (photos seen below) was located near Lakeport Square, at 678 Union Avenue, in the vicinity of its intersection with Bridge Street, nearby the current Belknap Tire facility. It is not known when the business ceased operations, but the chrome (color photograph) postcard seen below indicates that it operated at least until the early 1950’s.

A real menagerie of animals decorated the side of the house. A camel, elephant, and cat can be seen here.


Below – from Our Yesterdays by Warren Huse, The Citizen, August 30, 2008.

75 YEARS AGO (1933):

The Clow Sisters Twelve Room Gift House


A candy dish

Bessie Clow and her sisters were also well known for publishing a series of souvenir booklets called “Ripples Around the Lake”, circa 1916-1924. The following sample is from 1919.