Nestledown Farm

Below – the original, elaborate Nestledown estate, which was severely damaged by fire on April 23, 1923.

This detail from an 1892 map pinpoints the location of the Zebley/Nestledown farm.

In the mid 1940’s, Lillian Dana Carroll, the owner of the Weirs Hotel (the former Story’s Tavern) in Weirs Beach, had purchased Nestledown and changed its name to the Plantation House. Below, a late 1940’s brochure for the Plantation House, a “Modern Summer Resort Hotel”, showing the remaining buildings of the former Nestledown estate. They too burned down, on October 7, 1954. Today there are condominiums and houses spread throughout the 200 acres of the former estate. The estate’s valuable lake front property, at one time known as Pendleton Beach, is now the site of several elaborate private homes.


Below, an advertisement for the Plantation House from the Lakes Region Association’s 1949 Where To guidebook. The manager mentioned in the ad, Jack Dana, was owner Lillian Dana Carroll’s son.

Plantation House postcard

Old postcards of Pendleton Beach, which was previously known as Pendleton’s Shore.