Winnipesaukee Pier Gallery


Below, a brochure for the Winnipesaukee Pier, dating from 1923-1925. Three classes of motor boats were available. The typical rental was for one week. Class 1 was 20′ long, with a 3hp outboard motor, and rented for $14/week, with additional days at $1.50/day. Class 2 was 21′ long, with a 5hp outboard motor, and rented for $20/week, with additional days at $2.50/day. Class 3 was 25′ long, with a 12hp inboard motor, and rented for $25/week. All motor boat classes had the same capacity of 8 persons. Row boats were also available for rental. Offsite (in Lakeport), boat storage, sales and repair were available.