Water Parks

For a really fun time on a hot summer day, there is a water park located within walking distance of the boardwalk. At the very entrance to Weirs Beach, you can’t miss the Weirs Beach Water Slide. The slides actually pass around, and through, a giant volcano! Click here for a modern aerial photo of the waterslide.



There is a second water park in Weirs Beach, but it has been closed since the 2006 season. (Leaving Weirs Beach, turn left at the Weirs Beach sign, cross the bridge over the Weirs Channel and head straight onto Route 11-B. In about 100 feet, turn right onto White Oaks Road, climb the hill, and you will see the Surf Coaster on your left. It’s a little bit of a walk from Weirs Beach, but still manageable.)

This water park, Surf Coaster U.S.A., which opened on July 1, 1983, was consistently rated by travel guides as one of the best in New England. The park featured a variety of slides, including “Thunder & Lightning,” twin, 125-foot tall high-speed body slides; “Hurricane & Tornado,” two super-fast slides with a 4 second ride; “Monster & Beast,” twin 400-foot long winding slides; and “Crazy River,” an inner-tube ride. The park also featured a huge, 500,000 gallon wave pool, and a kiddie “spray ground”, which included little-kid sized slides and attractions. The park is currently for sale.


The Surf Coaster in July, 2012, six years after the park closed, showing considerable growth of vegetation.


Here’s a photo of  the Surf Coaster when it was nearly brand new. From a 1986 Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce brochure. 


The Wave Pool at the Surf Coaster.


Weirs Beach Water Slide postcards, early 1980′s