This is the only known brochure with a floor plan of the Hotel. The floor plan shows that there were 33 guest rooms, 10 private baths, and 3 toilets (one for ladies only) on the second floor; 38 guest rooms and 8 baths (7 private, one public) on the third floor; and 46 guest rooms on the fourth floor, for a total of 107 guest rooms, 18 baths, and 3 toilets. There were no guest rooms on the first floor. Page 9 of the brochure claims that there were 30 rooms with baths, but the math doesn't add up. It is unknown how this large a Hotel could only have 3 toilets!

This brochure was produced before the final, 1905-1906 addition to the Hotel, which added another wing to the Hotel, to the left of the main entrance. The brochure was 24 pages long. The pages are presented here in their original order.