Great White Way of Weirs Beach

The postcard reads: “An evening view of the great white way at Weirs Beach, N.H., clearly showing that life and fun here does not cease at sundown.”

From “The Great White Way is a nickname for a section of Broadway in the Midtown section of the New York City borough of Manhattan, specifically the portion that encompasses the Theatre District, between 42nd and 53rd Streets. Nearly a mile of Broadway was illuminated in 1880 by Brush arc lamps, making it the first electrically lighted avenue in the United States.”

Cars seen in this photo include a 1958 Ford, 1960 Chevy, 1955 Chevy, 1956 Buick convertible, 1949 Ford and more.

Below, a postcard with a similar view reads: “It’s early evening on the great White Way at Weirs Beach, N.H. But obviously the area has already taken on a gay color atmosphere to the delight of many who enjoy life here at the popular summer resort.” This photo was taken a few years later than the one above.
A night view from 1961 reads: “The bright lights at Weirs Beach, N.H., cast a colorful pattern in the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee.”