Lakeside Hotel circa 1940

To the far left in the photo below (click here to SUPERSIZE), we see a glimpse of the former building on Lakeside Avenue known variously as the Lakeside Garage, Knottty Pine Restaurant, Teen Haven, and Nashville North. At the time of this photo, as is partially evident by the sign on the building, it was named the Weirs Supper Club. On the footbridge we see a sign promoting “Bowling”. It would appear by that sign, as well as the larger one on the building, that the Lakeside Hotel featured bowling on the premises, and some kind of sports, as well as 65 rooms which were available for only $1 or $1.50 a night. (The Hotel did indeed have a six-lane candelpin bowling alley on the premises. Scroll down this page for a picture of the bowling alley.) 

To the right in the photo, we see a traveling van of the Rudy Wallace Orchestra, who were probably staying at the Hotel at the time of the photo. The orchestra appeared frequently at the nearby Irwin’s Winnipesaukee Gardens, and was considered one of the “top New England territory bands” [Allegro, Volume CV No. 11, November, 2005]. According to the article, in late 1942, Rudy Wallace retired and Mal Hallett took over the band.