The Tough Mudder

Discontinued. Last held in 2018, as described below.

September 22-23, 2018:  The TOUGH MUDDER NORTHEAST – billed as the “toughest event on the planet”, the “Full Mudder” is a 10 mile, 20 obstacle course race, originally designed by British Special Forces. First held locally in 2013 at Gunstock, the event moved to the NH Motor Speedway in 2016, and now it’s back at Gunstock. For the less tough, there’s a “Half Mudder” (5 miles, 13 obstacles); and a 10 mile “Tougher Mudder” competitive race. All three Mudders will take place on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Full Mudder participants will brave freezing cold water, wade through thick mud, tackle underwater tunnels, finesse high ropes, scramble through multiple cargo nets, and navigate their way through a gauntlet of electrified wires. The course is a test of all-around strength, stamina, and mental grit, but also a test of camaraderie and team effort, as participants need to help each other to make it though the course. Participants may don traditional running attire, but costumes are encouraged.