These two aerials are a pair, the oldest known aerials of Weirs Beach. The actual year of the photos is unknown, but they most likely date from the early 1920s (1924 or earlier). The pair were taken at the same time by aerial photographer E.D. Putnam, as can be determined by the location of the trains, cars and boats evident in the two photos. The first photo is shot is shot from the lake, looking directly at the boardwalk, while the second photo is shot looking down Lakeside Avenue. Both photos show the New Hotel Weirs. The second photo shows only the twin turrets of the Hotel, with the rest of the structure obscured. The existence of the Hotel dates the photographs as having been taken prior to the Great Weirs Beach Fire of November 9, 1924 which destroyed the Hotel, as well as many other structures in Weirs Beach. Both photos show the 1893-1939 train station, canopy, cafe and wharf; as well as the original, 1910-1924 Winnipesaukee Pier. Clearly seen in the upper center of the second photo is the pedestrian footbridge which crossed the railroad tracks to the Lakeside House. (The four-story Lakeside House itself cannot be seen, as it is heavily obscured by the pine grove which surrounded the hotel prior to the 1938 hurricane.) In the second photo, the multiple railroad tracks down Lakeside Avenue, as well as the utility poles down the center, clearly stand out. Also noticeable is the spur railroad track descending down to the railroad station and wharf, where cargo could be more easily loaded upon the Mount Washington steamer, which is not seen in these photos.

The oldest aerial of Weirs Beach known to exist