Below, a 1958-1959 winter timetable, published by the Boston and Maine Railroad on October 26, 1958. This was the very last winter that the B&M serviced Weirs Beach.

Going north, trains left from Boston's North Station for Weirs Beach twice daily, Monday-Saturday. A super-early, 3am train arrived at 5:55am. The regular, evening train left Boston at 4:20pm, arriving in Weirs Beach at 6:57pm. Only one train ran on Sunday, leaving North Station at 9am and arriving in Weirs Beach at 11:42am.

Going south, trains left from Weirs Beach for Boston's North Station twice daily, Monday-Saturday. The morning train left Weirs Beach at 7:15am and arrived in Boston at 9:45am. The evening train left at 8:11pm and arrived at 11:30pm. The Sunday train left at 7:54pm and arrived at 10:25pm.

In either direction, it was about a 2 1/2 hour trip. Between Weirs Beach and Boston, the regular stops were in Laconia, Tilton, Concord, Manchester, Nashua, and Lowell. (Winnisquam was a flag stop - the train only stopped in Winnisquam when signaled.)