Medical Services

The Lakes Region General Hospital

Weirs Beach is only a 10 minute drive to the major regional hospital in Laconia. 


Lakes Region General Hospital524-321180 Highland St, Laconia
Laconia Clinic524-5151
724 N Main St, Laconia
Weirs Health Center
Bradley Libenson, DO, MPH
(Doctor of Osteopathy/
Master of Public Health)
366-7700Alpenrose Plaza
36 Endicot St E
Darren Boles (Dentist)366-4400Alpenrose Plaza
36 Endicot St E



Laconia Hospital, 1910’s

Until 1898 there was no hospital within the City of Laconia.

The first call for a Laconia hospital had come in the form of an 1891 editorial in the Laconia Democrat newspaper which stated that “We want a place where sick people can go to recover their health and be sure of getting careful nursing and good, wholesome sanitary surroundings. We want beds for those able to pay and free beds for those who cannot pay and are deserving of charity.”

In 1892, Laconia citizen Rhoda C. Ladd, in her will, pledged her entire estate, including her Court Street home, to the City for the purposes of building a hospital, but there still wasn’t enough funding to proceed. 

When a railroad wreck occurred in the City on September 1, 1897, there was nowhere to bring the victims, other than a local hotel with “poorly lighted and ventilated rooms…” An editorial published in the local paper shortly after the wreck noted the “barbarous” conditions and concluded “the great necessity for a cottage hospital was never more manifest than at the present time…” With public opinion galvanized, funds were soon raised and the Laconia Cottage Hospital opened less than a year later, on July 18, 1898 on Court Street. However, the Cottage Hospital had only eight beds and it soon became evident that a larger facility was needed.

In 1905, Laconia citizen Jeremiah S. Jewett sold his farm atop Jewett Hill to the City for a friendly price, and donated half of the purchase price towards construction of a new hospital. The new hospital, shown in the old postcard above, was built soon after. Today’s hospital is in the same location.

(Information courtesy of the Laconia Historical Society)