Other Shops

Adjacent to the Half Moon Shops, you can satisfy your sweet tooth at Cook’s Candy Kitchen (603) 366-5035 where you’ll find all the summertime favorites, from candy apples to salt water taffy, from fudge to fine chocolates. Cook’s also has a large selection of T-shirts.

Other shops in the Weirs Beach area include Kellerhaus (603) 366-4466; an un-named t-shirt shop on the Winnipesaukee Pier; Everest Mountain Goods at #292A Lakeside Avenue; and Weirs Beach Convenience and Gifts (603) 366-9310, at #1198 Weirs Boulevard. 


Karen’s Gift Shop, 1960s



Pinney’s Gift Shop in the 1940s, before Tarlson’s Arcade was built to the left, and before the building was expanded with a large annex to the right. This building is now the home of Everest Mountain Goods and the Surfside Burger Bar. Click here to enlarge.


Weirs Souvenir Shop, circa 1900. This building preceded Pinney’s Gift Shop, in the same exact location. To the left of this building, at the corner of Tower Street and Lakeside Avenue, was a small stand called the Weirs Candy Kitchen.


Clow Sisters Gift House