Prescott Farm – NOT

Although the Prescott Farm seen below shared the same name, and even looked similar, to the Prescott Farm in Weirs Beach, this Prescott Farm was actually located in Wolfeboro, near what is now the Kingswood golf course. Before it became the Prescott Farm, it was the Pinkham farm. After it was the Prescott farm, it became the King’s Hill Inn, Hotel Prescott, and the General Wolfe. It is now known as the Windrifter Resort. It is not known what, if any, relationship there was between the two Prescott Farms.

Here’s a 1920’s view of the southern side of the Prescott Farm in Wolfeboro, before the structure was expanded.

A view of the northern side of the structure, after considerable expansion.

On this postcard, with a nearly identical view as the above, the property is named the King’s Hill Inn.

The property was also named the Hotel Prescott and the General Wolfe. Views of the southern side. The color photo is from the 50’s, when the property was known as the General Wolfe Inn and Motel.

An advertisement from the 1950 Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce booklet.

Before it was the Prescott Farm, it was known as the Pinkham farm. A view of the northern side.

1940 advertisement