Where’s the best fishing?



Whether you’re trying to catch bass, salmon, or trout, your best bet is to try a guided fishing tour. Or check out the State of NH’s Fish and Game Department guide to Lakes Region fishing, including Lake Winnipesaukee. If you’re just looking for supplies, Paugus Bay Sports Shop (603) 524-4319, located at 135 Weirs Boulevard in Weirs Beach, carries everything for fishing, from rods and reels to lures and bait. You can even puchase your NH fishing license there. You can rent a fishing boat at Fay’s Boat Yard (603) 293-8000 in Gilford or at Wet Wolfe Rentals 603) 569-3200 in Wolfeboro.


Information source for the table below: NH Fish and Game poster “The Fish Community of Lake Winnipesaukee”. 

1. American Eel americaneel
2. Banded Killifish
3. Black Crappie blackcrappie
4. Bluegill bluegill
5. Bridle Shiner bridleshiner
6. Brook Trout brooktrout
7. Brown Bullhead brownbullhead
8. Burbot (Cusk) burbot-cusk
9. Chain Pickerel chainpickerel
10. Common Shiner commonshiner
11. Common Sunfish commonsunfish
12. Creek Chubsucker creekchubsucker
13. Fallfish fallfish
14. Golden Shiner goldenshiner
15. Lake Trout laketrout
16. Lake Whitefish lakewhitefish
17. Landlocked Salmon landlockedsalmon
18. Largemouth Bass largemouthbass
19. Rainbow Smelt rainbowsmelt
20. Rainbow Trout rainbowtrout
21. Redbreast Sunfish redbreastsunfish
22. Rock Bass rockbass
23. Slimy Sculpin slimysculpin
24. Smallmouth Bass smallmouthbass
25. White Perch  whiteperch
26. White Sucker whitesucker
27. Yellow Bullhead yellowbullhead
28. Yellow Perch yellowperch


Below, a clipping from the 1930 Lakes Region Guide