Parking Lots

Where can I park in Weirs Beach?

There are about 460 parking lot spaces in Weirs Beach, where you can park for the whole day and/or night. Please refer to the parking map to see their exact location. The parking lots are marked in green on the map.



There are two public parking lots in Weirs Beach.  The first, with 67 spaces, is at the Endicott Rock parking lot (see photos below). Gates are open from 8:30am until 12:00 am. Naturally, because this lot is at the beach, this lot is the first to fill during the daytime, and it fills up quickly on a nice beach day. The Endicott Rock parking lot is further away from the night-time activities then the other parking lots in Weirs Beach.

There are two parking kiosks at the Endicott Rock parking lot. Beginning on the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend, and ending on Columbus Day, the kiosks are in effect daily, from 9am to 10pm. Parking costs $2 per hour, and can be purchased in 15-minute increments. There is no time limit. The kiosks accept either coins or cards. They do not accept bills. Remember your space number when you park, as you will need to enter your space number when you pay at the kiosk. A receipt is optional. You do NOT need to display your receipt on your dashboard. Once a space is paid for, you cannot extend the parking time. You will have to start the time all over again (from zero) to gain additional parking time. Spaces are numbered from #1 to #67. (Space numbering begins again on Lakeside Avenue at #101. There are no spaces numbered between #68 – #100.)




The second public parking lot, about 100 spaces, is at the Weirs Community Park parking lot. The lot is located on Lucerne Avenue. While quite a walk from the center of Weirs Beach, parking there is always FREE! To get there, leave Weirs Beach, turn left at the Weirs Beach sign, cross the stone arch bridge over the Weirs Channel, and head straight onto Route 11-B. In about 100 feet, turn left on Lucerne Avenue. The lot is located on the right, just past the fire station.



There are four commercial parking lots in Weirs Beach.  There are about 30 spaces at the Beachview parking lot (below). This lot is directly across Lakeside Avenue from the beach and very close to the night-time activities. There is an attendant at the lot on nice beach days, and during busy weekend and holiday nights. At all other times, you can park your car there for FREE!


There are about 70 spaces at the Maple Street parking lot. The entrance to the lot is on Tower St. This lot is the closest to the night-time activities.

There are about 190 spaces at the Foster Avenue parking lot, Weirs Beach’s largest. This lot is furthest from the beach but close to the night-time activities. During non-holiday weeks, from Monday-Friday, you can park your car there for FREE! (RVs and buses must pay.) The lot is open from 8am-midnight.

There are about 80 spaces at the Gateway parking lot, located at 38 Endicott St North, right across the street from the Weirs Beach arrow sign.



There are several establishments with their own private parking in Weirs Beach.  There are about 30 spaces at the Winnipesaukee Marketplace parking lot (hidden away behind the building). The lot is for Winnipesaukee Marketplace customers only, but there is no time limit. Have an ice cream, or something cool to drink, a snack, or a meal, and park there as long as you like.

The Faro Italian Grill, the Boardwalk Bar and Grill, the Weirs Beach Drive-In, and Alpenrose Plaza all have large parking lots, which are sometimes available during special events for non-customer parking.


The Paugus Bay side of the Weirs Channel (below). Photo taken from the stone arch bridge

Compare the photo above, taken in 1999, to the similar postcards below, dating from 1906 & 1910! (For an interesting modern-day aerial shot of the Weirs Channel, click here.)

Below is a view of the channel looking North from Paugus Bay, taken around the same time as the two postcards above