Veterans Parade on Governor’s Day

Governor’s Day was a day set aside during the annual Veteran’s reunion to honor the Governor of New Hampshire. It was always held on the Thursday of the reunion. Upon the Governor’s arrival in Weirs Beach, the cannons at the Veterans HQ would roar in salute. The Governor would then join the parade, which would march from the NHVA HQ down Railroad Avenue (Lakeside Avenue) to North Avenue (Endicott St North) and countermarch (reverse course) back to the HQ. Later, at the Speaker’s Stand in the Veterans Grove, the Governor and other state and local dignitaries would give speeches. According to the August 24, 1933 issue of the Laconia Citizen, the Governor’s Day Parade was always a feature of the annual reunion. A typical Governor’s day schedule would be as follows: Reveille at 6am. Breakfast at 7am. A band concert from 8am-10am. The parade from 11am-noon. Dinner at 1pm. Speeches at 2pm. Memorial services at the various regimental buildings at 7pm. Another band concert at 8pm. Tattoo* at 10:30pm. Taps at 11pm. (*Tattoo was a bugle call warning all to turn off the lights, quiet down, and go to sleep!)