Ed Hoagland

A group photo from the 1963 official program for the 43rd annual Gypsy Tour (Motorcycle Week), showing many of the notable local Weirs Beach leaders of the time. In addition to Ed Hoagland, publicity and public relations director for the Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce, owner of the Lakeview, and the person, who in the early 1950’s, had championed the idea of renaming Weirs as Weirs Beach, we see Romeo Deblois, a Laconia city councilman and owner of Romeo’s Balcony; Peter Makris, owner of the Naswa; John Proctor, owner of Proctor’s Cottages; George Casana, owner of the Superette (later the Weirs Beach General Store) and other Weirs Beach property; and Paul Binnette, owner of the Handy Landing and father of waterski champion Dick Binnette.